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Snailwing German Nouns

The concept is very simple, painting vocabulary cards of German nouns that are easily rendered, but in colors associated with the particular class they belong to. Masculine nouns in blue, feminine in red, neuter in green. The aesthetic is somewhat reminiscent of illustrations on Mexican Loteria cards.

Maenliche Nomen
der Ameisenbaer
der Amethyst
der Apfel
der Arm
der Auflauf

Masculine Nouns
the amethyst
the anteater
the antenna
the apple

Weibliche Nomen
die Ananas
die Aubergine
die Backe
die Backhefe
die Banane

Feminine Nouns
the arugula
the baker's yeast
the banana
the bat

Saechliche Nomen
das Abtropfsieb
das Akkordeon
das Alpha
das Auge
das Ausrufezeichen

Neutral Nouns
the aardvark
the accordion
the antler
the ballet

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